Tuesday, 8:20 a.m.

I have not seen a flake of new snow in three days. It's been soooo nice. Plus, the sun has glowed softly through winter haze much of the past couple of days, too. Not fully bright, but far better than it's been for most of the winter. It's a little more cloudy this morning, and a little colder than it was yesterday, but I haven't checked the forecast.

Hope to get some work done here in town this morning then head down to Grand Rapids a little later for lunch with A.C.

I'm sitting in the new "Tim Hortons/Coldstone Creamery" joint here in Greenville. After leaving the house I decided one more cup of coffee was required to bolster my energy before work - and that a Honey Cruller would be tasty as well. It's nice here. The wi-fi is as quick as it is at my place, so as I sat here enjoying my coffee and doughnut I watched the Daily Show from last night on Hulu. -Not a bad way to start a cold day in Michigan, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, The Known Universe - here on March 5th, 2013. Not much else one could rightly ask for, is there?

Oh, I see. No one wants to open that can of worms. -There's always something else we want, right? Life is like the opening Steve Martin routine from "The Jerk".

"No, thanks, just a sunny day please. Ummm... and warm temps. Oh, and some really good coffee... and a doughnut. Say, how's the wi-fi here? Oh, and how about if we could have Adelle singing that song from the newest James Bond movie "Skyfall" over the speakers? I like that song; reminds me of the older Bond themes. Why thank you! There it is!"

Thought for the day: I really have to see that movie. It's already out as a rental, I think. I'm soooo behind.

posted by: PastorDave (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (6:48 am)

The Bond film is good. Has a lot to do with a guy facing middle-age crisis, not wanting to admit there are some things he can no longer do and he probably needs to make some major changes in his life. And, he needs others more than he is willing to admit. Probably nothing you could relate to.

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (7:42 am)

Reply to: PastorDave

Nah, nothing having to do with me. I'm a hermit who will live forever, walking the planet and sniffing the wind.

posted by: OldSchool (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (9:57 am)

It was a good Daily Show last night. I laughed out loud a few times.

Enjoy your lunch with AC. Say hi for me.

Chicago is going to get clobbered with snow today. We are getting it pretty bad as well and I am oh so sick and tired of it. I wish I was in Arizona watching spring training games.

posted by: liath (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (10:38 am)

Which movie?
I knew Timmy's was branching into the US. I usually have their honey or chocolate Timbits. But as for doughnuts, I'm partial to the chocolate glazed, long johns, or raspberry jelly. YUM!

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (11:49 am)

Reply to: liath

We've had TH in Michigan for about 15 years. (Wendy's either is, or at least was, the franchisee for the U.S. And for all I know bought the whole company.) They just started going into some of the smaller cities around this part of the state, thank

posted by: liath (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (12:35 pm)

Reply to: surrogate
Yeah, over here there are lots of Wendy's attached to Timmy's. But we don't have very many Cold Stone Creameries.

posted by: auntconi (reply)
post date: 03.05.13 (4:40 pm)

Ahh~ Tim Horton Honey Crullers~ I love 'em~
Yum.m.m.m.m.m... excuse me while I lick my fingers.


posted by: auntconi (reply)
post date: 03.07.13 (12:35 pm)

Reply to: OldSchool

Thanks for saying "hi"...
Lunch was very good...

posted by: alex35acll (reply)
post date: 05.15.13 (1:08 pm)

i would like to say good blog,i am new so dont know what to say,but good content on here,please dont lick your fingers hahah

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 05.15.13 (2:52 pm)

Reply to: alex35acll

Thanks for reading. Welcome aboard!

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